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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guess who's back? BOB

Today in class we had a pretty simple and straight forward pre-test. It was 4 mulitple choice and 1 free response. The pre-test questions ranged from definite integrals, such as finding the area under a graph in a certain interval, to integration by parts and substitution to find the antiderivative of a certain functions.

For question 1 of multiple choice I used the rsum program on my calculator to find the actual value of the function through the interval [1,3] and then I found the area under the graph on the interval [1,3] and there was a difference of 0.0416667 which is approximately 1/24, which was anwser B.

For question 2 I used trial and error on my calculator finding the area under the curve of the graph. Whichever equaled 6, would be the correct anwser, which was option D.

Question 3 was also the same concept as question 2. Where ln2 was equal to approximately 0.693, and I used trial and error to find the area under the curve that equaled ln2.

Question 4 was easily solved, just use integration by parts on the function y = xcos(x) and you should end up with option A.

Open response was a bit harder but not by much. For part a) we used substituion to find the antiderivative and then we found what it would equal at each endpoint and the table made it easy by giving us the values. Part b) was the same deal, but we used integration by parts.

Overall this pre-test was by far the easiest, in my perspective. Good luck everyone. It's time to BOB.

I was never really worried about this unit, because all of it seemed really straight forward. I was really only worried about when to use what, such as substitution and integration by parts to find an antiderivative. I know I won't have trouble solving either of them, as long as I make the right decision in the first place. The midpoint sum, trapezoid sum and Simpson sum seem to be quite easy, but I do believe we could have spent maybe a class or two more in this section. I didn't see these type of questions in the pre-test so this is maybe why it seemed brief in class, because it won't be a significant part in the test. I feel quite comfortable going into the test, as long as we're allowed to use our calculators. I'd be nothing without the graph and rsum programs!

The next scribe will be! Joyce.

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