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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finding the arctrig derivatives

OK, first scribe for this Semester^_^
We starts off with the graph of
arc sin

arc cos

arc tan

Then we come up with the idea that arc sin and arc cos are similar, they have the same domains, they are just the inverse of each other.

Then it's time to find the derivative for arctrig:
1/ y=arc sin(x)
First let sin(y)=x sin(y)= x/1
then find the derivatives by using the chain rule

there fore the derivative of arc sin is:

2/y=arc cos(x)
well these two are the similar steps so I will use Mr. K 's work

3/ y=arc tan(x)

~something really important Mr.K talked about in class.

Every derivative rule have an anti-derivative rule:

then 2 more problem to solve:

Like Mr.K said we didn't learn a new technique to solve this type of problems. In these questions we used substitution and Integration by parts to find the anti-derivative.
Nothing much is new all we have to do is look for pattens.

Homework: ex7.5 odds and 24

next scribe is ................ Zeph

oh the chat box is there!!!
bye for now^_^

By the way Mr.K, the Chinese visitors of these 2 blogs is my friend in China that I tell her to check our blog out. ^_^ No surprising ^_^

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