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Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 26th

Hi! I'm Yi Nan. ^_^

On Friday, we continued on the unit of derivative function.(2.2)
First, we start with reviewing tangent lines.

Then we did the questions on page 84
instantaneous velocity (at t+a) :

\begin{figure} \begin{center} \<span class=

average velocity= distance traveled over time elapsed:

I didn't really get it so I don't really know how to explain it. Sorry!!!*_*

I think that's all we have done! So the next scribe will be Hai Yan!!!
Have a nice day!!


Anonymous said...

Good job Yinan. I am proud that you still posted what you could. I believe that the blogs don't require you to know what everything means, it is a place where you can seek guidance from others in your class and from others that read your post. So don't worry that you didn't really understand the derivatives as a class we shall work together so everyone can pass this exam...

dkuropatwa said...

Hi Yinan,

I agree with anonymous. It takes courage to share what you know. It takes more courage to share what you don't know.

Here's something that might help:

This is a very good, AP Calculus level, description of a derivative. (Click on the top bit of text on the bottom left-hand side.)

This is a shorter, less detailed description but it will also give you a good sense of what a derivative is. At least it'll answer the question: "What the heck is a derivative?"

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