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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

our test day... the mood was not exactly pleasantville :S

Hola... mi llamo Jamie. haha no. English. Today, was.. well a very rough day indeed. Our very first test day. I'm just going to speak for myself and say that I probably succeeded at failing epically. But that's just being pessimistic. You never know. But I think we handled it pretty well; and I'm assuming after the review unit of Functions and Graphs, that we are going to start a new chapter and do some real CALC!!!

While we're on the topic of books and chapters, I just really have to exploit this overrated phenomenon. I cannot resist. I have OCD [not obsessive compulsive, well maybe... but Obsessive Cullen Disorder.] It's and inside out joke for all us vampire conjuring souls out there. I myself have recently jumped on the bandwagon, and read through the series, at least once and now going for a second round before the movie comes out!!! Yeeeee! It's most likely going to ruin readers visions of everything, but it's going to be a distraction for the delay of the Harry Potter movie...... go ahead, call me a conformist and a copycat, but to be honest, these are some of the most recent books I have read like a normal person, and not through audiobook. [I have a bit of dyslexia in me, no joke.] I highly recommend the first one easily as the best, but for continuity's sake, finish the series... please. I'm ready for November. I'm ready for some TWILIGHT!!!

I just noticed that the date on this poster is wrong. In the meantime.. Halloween is coming.....When there's halloween...there's SAW.

I've just exploited so many things. I'm such a subliminal message. I'm ashamed. I pass the scribing stick to...Shelly! :D forgive me for the ads. just close the window just like any other pop up if it's bothering you. :D

1 comment:

Rence said...

Ugh, you girls and your vampire romance obsessions. Lmao.

Someone tried to get me to read it. Never will I ever again read a book a girl suggests to me, not to be an offence to you.