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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey, this is Shelly here. At the start of class today Dr. Eviatar informed the class that we`ll be receiving our test on Functions and Graphs tomorrow, because she had to discuss a few thing with Mr. Kuropatwa and hopefully none of us will fail epically... Aside from that the class moot (my word of the day) about what is speed and how it is represented.

- A distance covered per unit time
- Change in postion depending on time

- Graph on a input-output (xy) grid
- Table of values (where theres a graph theres a T-table)
- Equation
- Symbolically

Input-output graph

Assuming that nothing is happening between the 2 labeled points calculate the speed using this equation:

Note: It can't be a ridiculously big gap. If it was, you will have a speed of 0 or a negative number.

To those who have forgotten
*The light red and blue are on the increasing side of the concave, making it positive, while the dark blue and maroonish red are on the decreasing side, making it negative*

When concave reaches its peak, in that duration nothing happens so velocity is equal to zero. (example: When Coyote chases Road Runner and runs off the edge of a cliff

Secant line: Average velocity over any interval is the slope of the lines joining the end points of the interval.

The secant line is use to calculate the average velocity for small amounts of time, which you also use to calculate the approximate instantaneous velocity.

Chapter 2: Exercise 2.1
Questions: 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, & 12

And for something not related to Calculus, here is a brain teaser!!

Random Oblivious Fun Logic (ROFL)
What is the pattern?
A _ _ _ E F _ H I _ K L M N _ _ _ _ _ T _ V W X Y Z
Note: The answer is not "the alphabet" and all letters has to be capital.

Here is a small hint to those who want it (It may not help though unless you think outside of the box)
If you have an answer post it in this post's comments!!

Finally the next scribe is..... YICONG!


benofschool said...

For Dr. Eviatar,
Can we go over question number 7 in class tomorrow? I know it wasn't in the homework but I decided to work on all of the question since derivatives is a new unit.

Thank you,

Dr. Eviatar said...

Hi Bench,

Sure. I'm game ;-).

Cheers, Dr.Eviatar.

Dr. Eviatar said...


It occurs to me, thanks to your hint, that all the letters with round bulges in them (B, C, U, etc.) are missing. Am I right?