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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Domain and Range ... and a whole lot more

Thinking about you guys again when I learned this video was recently uploaded to YouTube. All stuff you really need to know:

Also, check out this fella's archive of videos for calculus students. When you get there, check out the first one. Also, if you ever have a really thorny problem he says he'll solve for you and make a video about it. Hmm ... that sounds like a good idea for a student assignment ... aren't you glad I'm on leave? ;-)


.:. J + ME .:. said...

I don't know if I'm right, but I think he made a slight error with the range. I think the domain is correct since it goes on forever in both directions, but isn't the range [0, positive infinity) since the y-outputs never cross below the axis?

.:. J + ME .:. said...

this is for y = x^2 btw.

dkuropatwa said...

.:.j + me.:. Way to go! You're right, he was wrong. Excellent catch! Make certain you share this with the rest of the class f2f. Be proud, you've got a good eye. ;-)

Mr. K.