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Friday, September 19, 2008

September Eighteen Two Thousand Eight

Woo! No slides for me from today, but it's all great for I remember everything that happened today, woo! Even that weird stench (Did you guys smell that?), woo!

Okay I don't remember EVERYTHING Dr.Eviatar mentioned, (the beautiful assortment of her colorful vocabulary... are just way to colorful for me to comprehend) but I know she talked something about LOGARITHMS, woo!

Here's what I perceived:

Def'n Logarithm : A LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT (this was learned in the ultimate pre calculus 40s class which overshadowed all other pre cal 40s classes, you can find the ultimate blog right here:, woo!)


Def'n Logarithm: The inverse of exponentiation


Exponents interact differently with each other in different scenarios:

When exponents are being multiplied with each other, the exponents form a sum.

(b^x)(b^y) = b^(x+y)

Logarithms work the same way because A LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT

[log(x)][log(y)] = log(x+y)

When exponents are being divided with each other, the exponents form a difference.

(b^x) / (b^y) = b^(x-y)

Logarithms also work this way because A LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT

[log(x)] / [log(y)] = log(x-y)

When exponents are being exponentiated with each other, the exponents form a product.

(b^x)^y = b^(xy)

Of course Logarithms work this way too because... EVERYONE SAY IT WITH ME! Class says, "
A LOgshi...m AN mnj5ENT," exactly! How many times do I have to say it? Woo!

[log(x)]^y = (y)[log(x)]


That's everything I remember Dr.Eviatar reviewed with us, woo!
We were then told to do Exercise 1.7
This concludes my post. Till next time, Au Revoir!

- Le Joseph

(oh and I pick Not Paul! Woo! Come on down!)

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