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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ryon Lovette - Equation

So I was bored while studying, and I found Math and R&B. =)

Equation - Ryon Lovette

Couldn't help to notice you standing in the hall way.
Tears rolling down your face, girl.
I heard him tell you that he was sorry for breaking up with you
But you're way to beautiful to cry.
Soon as he walked away, I came up from behind.
I told you a joke to make you laugh.
I'm nothing like him girl, you do the math.

Me plus you, I'll take that number.
Multiply your smile, minus the drama.
Give me a fraction of your heart.
I'll solve your problems.
Now put that together.
We make up a perfect equation, equation, equation.
Me and you make up a perfect equation, equation, equation.
Me and you make up a perfect equation.

And you can count on me.
Forget about your past.
I'll always put you first, never put you last.
Girl, you're my absolute value.
Have no fears, I'm here to save you.
Promise I won't change, I won't play those games.
Even when it rains, my feelings they stay the same.
Put me to the test I haven't failed yet.
Trust me I'll pass girl, just do the math cause.


(Me and you make up a perfect equation)
You deserve the best, nothing less from me.
Hold your hand, open doors, treat you like a lady.
All your dreams will come true, baby when you're with me.
Don't fight yourself from him, I'm the half you need.


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