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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Mean Value of BOBs

Once again, BOBing... I'm already up, so what's the point, I might as well get this one in while I'm taking a break from English and my lab write up. Looks to be another all-nighter...

Anyways, I really didn't have fun with the Optimization questions. I will have to do more questions to start seeing a pattern into doing those questions but as of right now, my mind is muddier then mud when it comes to Optimization. The key is getting your information straight and getting what your looking for straight. Other wise, your whole answer is going to be wrong.

The mean value theorem was simple enough and I enjoyed learning it, however, I need a bit more practice as I came to a few stumps when solving some of the questions and ended up not getting the right answer.

I'll be so-so for this test, but I don't feel too comfortable yet, but that's life.

~Rence, Out

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