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Monday, December 15, 2008

Derivative Rules Galore: A [P]review

**Melancholy theme**

There I sat at the evolved typewriter...the computer, if you didn't catch on. I set my book aside and took a chip from the corrugated bag. Boy, did I savour it. The brittle chip, so delectable that I devoured it disregarding all etiquette and poise. I was a mess. What had I done? The bag was finished!! How can I have more?! How can I undo what I did? Second of all...where were the napkins?

Forgive me for the chip euphoria and the poorly written interior monologue. It's just...that I really miss English and I hate having finished it so early. If I reread this, I'm just probably going to just edit that paragraph alone and not finish this scribe post. I mean...the tense could be totally wrong, adn some words might not even be right for the description and I can go on. But all geekiness [is that a word? It must be, since it's not turning red.] aside, the moral of that story was, how to "control [on macs is option button] z" something, in this case, undo the process of derivatives.

But before we actually began the lesson though, we were reminded about our assignment due this week. I'm going to say Thursday, but technically Friday. I'm not unsure of when the due dates is, it's just nicer to think about when you think it's a later date. It keeps me in control of my mind. Mind over matter...breathe. We then saw Mr. K's little video and I let it slip that I forgot the difference between a combination lock and a permutation lock. The class called me out on it. As for video editing software, thanks to twitter, we were given jumpcut and the fact that Mr. K was on CBC or something. Of course, how could I forget jahshaka. It sort of makes me want to go, "boomshakalaka laka boom." or.. "boomdeyada".

Well, the actual lesson-session was called "RULES FOR RUNNING BACKWARDS" and I know where we're heading with that-- with the anti-derivatives; the GENTLE intro to integrals relevant with being the inverse of finding the derivative of a function, but I can tell that we didn't get to the point Mr. K was planning to get to today. That must make him cringe every seeping minute that goes by.

But as for what we did do today, I'm not in the mood for making notebook notes anymore, because my internet connection peed me off; so I'll use Mr. K's and explain what I recall.

What we did by finding these two symbolic statements is GENERALIZE them so that these rules would apply to all derivatives of fcns also continued on this slide.

After the review, Mr. K separated us into groups and told us to list all of the derivative rules that we can remember, which I believe was supposed to be the initiator of the lesson today, but we didn't have enough time to get to the main part, as I said earlier. The class pretty much knows what the majority of the rules are, with an exception of the chain rule. But here they are, I put them together in case you want to print for notes.

FINALLY, the last thing we did before the bell rang was go over the CHAIN RULE. Mr. K saw that we still had trouble with the chain rule when writing it down. The class jested of course, the reason why we haven't gotten a thorough explanation of the chain rule, because whenever we'd get the chance, Mr. K would always be off to conferences in Dubai. Mr. K is almost omniscient and he's been everywhere. For all we know he could be a James Bond or an Indiana Jones. You NEVER know.

Anyhow, to clarify to concept the chain rule is symbolically represented as:
To make things less confusing, we must first distinguish between the "inside function" and the "outside function". The inside fcn is represented as g(x) since this fcn first appears inside of f(x), leaving f(x) as the outside fcn. The inner function is part of the outer function, therefore the inner function is the argument of the outer function, which is applied in this last slide.

Sorry that my post is so long, but I do what I can for your benefit and mine. So all that's left to do is pick the next scribe to scribble on this blog continuing from where I left off--

The next scribe is Hi I'm Justus since he's the last on the scribe list. Nothing personal. it me or is this dejavu? Didn't I pick him to scribe the last time I scribed... I remember the nametag and everything.


.:. J+ME .:.


PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP..........S: The shiny foamy pants are coming back on Thurs. or Friday, because of numerous requests o_O


.:. J + ME .:. said...

7:02!??!?!? what a little lie! I started way earlier than that.... I even got the keyboard dirty. o.O

zeph said...

I look forward to seeing your foamy pants again, Jamie. =)