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Sunday, December 14, 2008

BOB Version 5: Applications of the Derivative

My muddiest point, I'm sure everyone else is too, is learning about the optimization problems. I'm sure that the more practice I get in doing these problems, the better I'll be in solving those problems. "Practice makes perfect."

Limits involving infinity wasn't that hard as I first thought about it, since I missed the lesson on that because I was at a business field trip. Understanding that 1/x, as x approaches infinity, equals zero is the thing that underlies that topic.

Understanding the Mean Value Theorem came easy to me, until Rolley came along with his theorem and took things to the next level. I don't think Rolley will show up on the test since he isn't mentioned in our textbook.

An important lesson that I've learned from Mr. K is that if we learned how to do something, we must also learn how to undo that something to fully understand our actions or something like that. This was his introduction to antiderivatives, and I liked it. But we haven't yet finished learning about Auntie Derivatives and her family of functions (I like that title) but I'm sure it won't be as hard as optimization problems.

Good luck to those who are writing the test and pre-tests!

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