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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay, so it wasn't a workshop class, and was kinda more like a quiz at the beginning of the class, but when everyone was done, it turned into something more like a workshop. So anyways, we were handed out sheets on definite integrals. Now, I can't explain what was on the whole sheet because we handed in the sheets.

First off, we were given a table of values, and we had to plot them on the given graph (I honestly don't remember those values.)

Next we were asked to find the lower and upper limits. Which were around 17.1 and 23.1?? ... Or something like that.

Then we were to estimate what the exact area was. I believe mine came up to around 19-something. Anyone else get the same thing?

Next we were to use different functions on our calculator to find the answer.
First question was to use the RIEMAN Sum program. I got a sum of 12.06.
When you use the program this is what you input:
NUMBER 10 <--- This is the number of subintervals

The next one, we were to use fnInt. The way this one works, is that you have to input the equation given to you in Y1.
Then input it like this fnInt(Y1, X, 0, Pi) *To put in Y1, press Vars, move right to Y-Vars and select Y1. Inputing this in simply as Y1 using Alpha will create an error.* For this one I also got a value of 12.07

The last one we were to use the 7th option under the Calc menu.
A graph would show up (because the equation is in Y1 already) and we were to use endpoints 0 and Pi. So you would choose X = 0 as the Left endpoint and use X = Pi as the right end point. After that, press enter and you should get a value around 12.07

And that's all we did today. So I guess the next scribe will be... Zeph!

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