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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Continuing From Last Class.

Well first we started off on the wrong track because we all forgot where we left off we then realized how did we get those numbers. we came to the conclusion that we had skipped a few steps will here is the notes but in the right order. i think.

First you use the critical points that you found and plug the values into the second derivative test and you will find the local max and min.

Next you find all possible inflection points by making the second derivative equal to zero and solve for x.

After Figuring all that stuff out you solve for the original function and use the critical points that we have found for the x values.

Now you need to find out if it is concave up or concave down.
To find the that out you need to choose a value from the ranges and plug it in to the second derivative formula which is f ''(x) = 4 - 12x

Next you solve for f(x) but this time you use the infliction points that we found for the x value.

This next picture is a picture of the second derivative i think. it shows when the graph is concave up and concave down.

Well thats all for today tune in next time. Next scribe post will be featuring Shelly.

Rguy out.

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