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Monday, May 11, 2009

DEV Status Report

Hey Mr. K,

As you know, everyone is working on their DEV's however, due to May-Madness, which includes the arrival of AP exams including Bio, Calculus, and Chem, our DEV's progress has hit a snag. Although I only speak on behalf on Team FLJ, I can undoubtedly say that all other groups have been hit with scheduling crisis's.

I myself have been kept busy with Career Internship, work, and projects from other classes. Unfortunately, all the due dates and AP exams are clustered up in the same region, leaving little or no room for flexibility. Other members of my team have also been busy with their own studying, individual class projects and others with myself included took part in this year's Fashion Show.
  • Calc exam = May 6
  • Fashion Show = May 7
  • Bio Exam = May 11
  • Chem exam = May 12
  • English project = May 15
  • Career Internship Portfolio = May 20
Due to this cluster of due dates, I on behalf of Team FLJ, am requesting a DEV extension. I will not keep this request exclusive to us, and I'm letting other groups also request an extension via Comment.


.:. J + ME .:. said...

I was afraid to do this.. I mean.. I feel humbled and like...afraid to even ask for more time, but I think I need it. I just really hate to ask, because it makes me feel irresponsible and feel like I could've handled this a different way. I'm not trying to list excuses, but I can't change the things that I've done instead of the DEV project. Looking back on things, I feel that none of those things are as important as I think DEV is. But I was also requested to do these things, sacrificing my spare time.

I just finished musical and fashion show, which I had doubts about continuing, but I couldn't let people down by quitting. I don't know if that's understandable, but I'm not a quitter. I'm also not done a couple of other things, like career internship portfolio and scholarship essays, but I'm willing to put those aside for now.

I'm not trying to list excuses, and I would normally suck it all up and finish the project after a couple of 3AM mornings, possibly just staying an insomniac, but the only reason I'm REQUESTING an extension as well is because I'm part of two projects, because I even told you that I thought I was responsible enough for both, I guess I didn't take other factors into account. I know this is probably pushing my luck, but I'm only asking because I desperately need it, and I really don't want to fail my teammates. thnk you for your consideration.

Not Paul said...

Team P also requests an extension.

dkuropatwa said...

OK, so now that you've all weighed in I'm not going to say no, but we'll discuss this further when I see you all on Thursday.

See you all then ... you too Paul. ;-)