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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twizzler MANIA!

As we all know, tomorrow MORNING, the bomb goes off. The AP is here! HOLY GOODNESS. Of course, anxiety is kicking me in the head right now. I'm slowly snapping back to reality.

Today was, THE LAST DAY before the exam. I still can't get that thought out of my head. It's so close. It seemed like only yesterday that we first started the class.

BEFORE we officially started the class, we were reminded of the really important rules we should follow to avoid automatic failure. As well as that, we were given the following tips since our exam would be running from 8 AM [be there by 7:45] until noon.

Make sure to:
  • Sleep reasonably early, preferably before midnight-- don't DARE to do last minute cramming, it's way too late to do that, but sleep EARLY to wake up EARLY.
  • EAT a really healthy meal before [not immediately before] your bedtime and have a really hearty breakfast. Eggs are good brain food, perhaps pack a granola bar, dipped in chocolate. Get Twizzlers, if you wish. HAHA
These tips given, need MUCH emphasis, no matter how much we'd love to defy them.

As for the actual exam itself, it will run approx. 4 hours in four sections.
  • Multiple choice, calculator [50 mins]
  • Multiple choice, non-calculator
  • Free response, calculator [45 mins, 3 questions]
  • Free response, non-calculator [45 mins, 3 questions]
**during the exam, remember to maximize your time.
NEVER recopy something that is already defined in the question. Also, don't feel the need to show off your algebra skills. This is already expected of you. Plug things into your calculator for efficiency. Don't do more than you're asked to do.

Finally, we started on the actual review section of the class. It was sort of a race, and whoever had the answer buzzed in with the phrase "Got it."

There was an exquisite blend of both calculator and non-calculator questions. We had fun with it, and I don't know about everyone else, but I somewhat forgot why we were doing it. We were all about business, but simultaneously having a good time. Especially when playing Jenga with the pile of Twizzler packs on my desk.

The questions were pretty straight forward multiple choice, and by now, we should know what we're doing given the circumstances of each question. We might not be as speedy as Benchmen, but I think we've proven that we could get there. I believe in you guys and I just don't feel like explaining slides right now. haha. I will though. I think.

I'm going to follow the advice given to us, and rest up, get nourished and do some light reading and test myself and see if I know what I'm doing.

But for now, while I'm on "standby" mode, enjoy this vid. It's not precisely funny, but it was part of our school's production of The Wiz. AWESOME JOB and the rest of the videos are on the channel.

The sound isn't really that good, and I think the footage is from the first matinee show. But still I miss the days where I eased on down the road. xD

...and here is one last kicker for you guys. This song is called "Believe In Yourself". I guess it's a really nice inspirational message before something like an exam comes up, don't you think?

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